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  • Accessibility

    Techniques that make websites usable by as many people as possible.

    Updated 3 weeks ago

  • Animation

    Ways to use movement to add delight to web experiences.

    Updated 3 weeks ago

  • APIs

    Useful sources of free data.

    Updated 2 weeks ago

  • Coding Interviews

    A hiring process largely based on asking all developers to solve the same computer science puzzles.

    Updated 3 days ago

  • Content Management Systems

    Apps that provide a code-free way to create and update website content.

    Updated 3 weeks ago

  • CSS

    The language that makes webpages pretty.

    Updated 2 weeks ago

  • Databases

    Tools for reading and updating organized collections of data.

    Updated 3 weeks ago

  • Debugging

    Ways to diagnose problems with logic, speed, SEO and accessibility.

    Updated 2 weeks ago

  • DevOps

    Hoops you gotta jump through to run your software on the internet.

    Updated 3 weeks ago

  • Ecommerce

    Online ways to trade your thing for their money.

    Updated 3 weeks ago

  • Fitness

    Healthy body, healthy brain.

    Updated 3 weeks ago

  • Functional Programming

    A programming paradigm that prefers composing pure functions and avoiding shared state, mutable data and side-effects.

    Updated 5 days ago

  • Git

    A way to track, revert and collaborate on code changes.

    Updated 3 weeks ago

  • Home Media Server

    How to use a Mac mini to back up other devices and host large media files.

    Updated 3 weeks ago

  • HTTP Requests

    How an app sends and receives data.

    Updated 1 week ago

  • JavaScript

    The language that makes webpages interactive.

    Updated 1 week ago

  • macOS

    The operating system that runs on a Mac.

    Updated 3 weeks ago

  • MDX.js

    A delightful content authoring format that combines Markdown and JSX.

    Updated 3 weeks ago

  • Music

    Noises I like.

    Updated 3 weeks ago

  • Next.js

    React framework with hybrid static and server rendering.

    Updated 3 weeks ago

  • Open-source software

    How to create and maintain public software projects.

    Updated 2 weeks ago

  • React.js

    An easier way to build interactive user interfaces with JavaScript.

    Updated 2 weeks ago

  • Regular Expressions

    Sequences of characters that define a search pattern.

    Updated 2 weeks ago

  • Repetitive Strain Injury

    Pain caused by repeating unhealthy movements.

    Updated 2 weeks ago

  • Screencasting

    How to create high quality web development video tutorials.

    Updated 3 days ago

  • Statecharts

    A method for describing app logic that helps prevent many common bugs.

    Updated 3 weeks ago

  • Testing

    Ways to prove code your code still does what you think it does.

    Updated 1 week ago

  • Tmux

    A tool for running multiple terminal sessions in a single window at the same time.

    Updated 3 weeks ago

  • TypeScript

    A JavaScript extension that prevents errors by validating data types.

    Updated 6 days ago

  • Vim

    A terminal-based code editor that encourages a keyboard-only workflow.

    Updated 2 weeks ago

  • Visual Studio Code

    The code editor all the cool kids use.

    Updated 2 weeks ago

  • Workflow

    Ways to stay organized and get things done.

    Updated 1 day ago