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Why use Vim?

Why use Vim instead of VS Code?


  • ✅ Keyboard only
  • ✅ Much easier to customize keyboard shortcuts
  • ✅ Building your own editor can be a fun side project
  • ✅ Encourages learning terminal tools
  • ✅ Loads more quickly
  • ✅ Requires less CPU and memory
  • Learn a lot about what’s possible With the terminal
  • Can make my wish list for easier workflows come true
  • Customizing the tools I use 8 hours a day (and often in the evenings and weeekends as well) feels satisfying and just makes sense
  • It reminds me to use my programming skills to solve problems, so nclusing tiny problems like wishing I didn’t have to press so many keys or click the mouse so many times to complete a workflow that happens many times a day
  • It’s fun to personalize those tools
  • It prompts me to keep learning
  • It accelerates ky learning
  • It reignites my passion for coding
  • It makes me optimistic that coding can solve big and small problems and isn’t just something I now do for others for money. It’s still something I do because I love it and because it makes my life easier and feels really cool
  • Link to “why vim” videos by Josean, TJ (PDE concept), that Guy with the video about expressiveness Vs discoverability, prime
  • compared to vs code:
    • can undo file changes even after closing and reopening vim


  • 😭 Pairing with your team may become less intuitive
  • 😭 Must configure all IDE features yourself
  • 😭 Buggy plugin updates can break your editor
  • 😭 Learning curve starts out steep and time-consuming
  • 😭 Neovim is supported by a smaller team than VS Code


  • 🐘 VS Code is the obvious one — most developers use it and it’s well maintained

When to choose it

  • 🥳 You’re excited by the idea of a customized editor
  • 🖐️ You’re experiencing RSI symptoms
  • ⏱️ You have spare time to learn and debug a new tool


  • Link that video about expressiveness vs discoverability in software