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GitHub Copilot


  • Work in reverse • Visual Studio Code 📺
    • Try coding in reverse order by calling the functions and variables you wish existed and then prompting Copilot to define those for you now that it sees how you plan to use them
  • Prompting Copilot • Visual Studio Code 📺
    • Provide context by…
      • opening all relevant files
      • clearly defining your preferences via comments
      • pasting an example (e.g. example code from a specific version of a library) to show Copilot the code style and syntax you’re looking for
  • VS Code Tips — Incrementally accepting Copilot suggestions • Visual Studio Code 📺

Copilot features

  • code by commenting
  • comments starting with “q:” will be answered with an “a:”
  • open copilot preview sidebar with ctrl+enter while GitHub is making a suggestion to view all solution options (is there also a keyboard shortcut for cycling inline suggestions?)

Copilot X features

  • copilot sidebar in vs code
    • use your codebase as primary context
    • highlight code block you want to prompt about (e.g. “write unit tests…”)
  • coding by voice in vs code
    • saying declarative things (”convert to JSON”) rather than imperative word-by-word transcriptions of what to write
  • copilot for docs
  • copilot in PR description box
  • copilot in terminal
    • declaratively describe what you want it to do and it will do it for you (e.g. using the right UNIX tools)



GitHub Copilot CLI

  • GitHub Copilot CLI: AI for the Command-Line • Elijah Manor 📺
  • GitHub Copilot CLI: First Look • Vishwas Gopinas explains how with natural language processing and contextual awareness, GitHub Copilot CLI can translate your requests into shell commands, Git commands, or GitHub CLI commands, allowing you to bypass the need for memorizing arcane commands and flags. 📖