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Flower beds

  • black earth + mulch + fertilizer every spring


Top-dressing and overseeding

Ahead of time:

  • Buy top dress soil (30 1kg bags)
  • Buy seed and fertilizer mix (2 4kg bags)

Day before:

  1. Rake and remove any dead grass
  2. Mow quite short (#2)

Day of:

  1. Cut top soil bags and spread on lawn
  2. Using the back of a hard rake, evenly spread the soil into the grass, breaking up the pieces as you go
  3. Using a seed spreader, spread a generous amount of seed + fertilizer mix (avoiding areas that shouldn’t have seed)
  4. By hand, spread a generous amount of seed along the edges
  5. Rake again to mix the seed into the soil
  6. Water everything moderately


  1. For first week, keep seeds moist by watering moderately 4 times per day
  2. Once seeds sprout, water generously once per day for a week (at 5pm)
  3. In week 3, water generously once every two days
  4. In week 4, water generously once every three days

Repeat each spring and fall.