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  • If not downloading (e.g. new magnet links never retrieve their metadata):
    • Check if port in Transmission Preferences matches the currently open VPN port

Accessing Transmission Web UI remotely

  • be sure to require a username + password:
    • Transmission macOS app > Preferences > Remote:
      • Enable remote access: check
      • Require authentication: check
        • Username: whatever you like
        • Password: whatever you like (I recommend storing this login in a password manager like 1Password, though!)
  • set up port forwarding for port 9091 in your router settings
  • visit URL starting with remote IP: [router’s WAN IP address]:9091
    • enter login and you should be in!

Deleting Sonarr/Radarr downloads after they’ve been imported

Transmission settings

  • Transfers > Management:
    • Check “Stop seeding at ratio X” (I chose 1)
    • Check “Stop seeding when inactive for X minutes (I chose 60)
    • Uncheck “Remove from the transfer list when seeding completes”
      • This is the key!
Transmission settings

Sonarr/Radarr settings

  • Download Client:
    • Enable “Completed Download Handling” settings: Enable Completed Download Handling
    • In Download Client > “Transmission” settings:
      • Enable “Remove Completed” Sonarr download client settings with "Remove Completed" enabled
  • Indexers:
    • There’s no need to set custom Seed Ratio and Seed Time limits in each Indexer as long as the Transmission settings above are set as shown
      • I’ll see some advice online that those per-indexer settings are needed, but that’s no longer the case (when not set, they’ll use my Transmission settings)