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Setting up Plex Media Server behind a VPN

Local subtitle files

  • Adding Local Subtitles to Your Media | Plex Support
    • Plex supports adding local subtitle files to your media as long as you name the files correctly (same as media file with optional language and “forced” suffixes) and place them in the correct location (next to the video file; not in a subfolder)
  • Local Files for TV Show Trailers and Extras | Plex Support
    • Plex supports local show, season and episode trailers and extras as long as you name the files correctly and place them in the correct location
    • Unfortunately, some clients don’t yet support this feature (e.g. Apple TV and the web app)

Accessing Plex Web App remotely

  • in addition to Plex’s required username + password, be sure to set a PIN:
    • Plex Web App > Home & Library Access:
      • on the row with your username, set up your PIN (four characters)
    • Optionally, set up 2FA as well:
      • Plex Web App > Settings > Account > Two-Factor Authentication:
        • click “Edit”
        • complete 2FA setup
  • set up port forwarding for a specific external port (not 32400) to internal port 32400 in your router settings
    • Plex Web App > Settings > Remote Access:
      • click “SHOW ADVANCED”
      • Enable remote access: check
      • check “Manually specify public port”
      • note
    • Router - create a port forwarding rule for this external port to internal port 32400 on the computer running your Plex Media Server
  • visit
    • You can also visit the via a URL pointing at the remote IP: [router’s WAN IP address]:[Manually set port], but I like using the link above, which points to an always updated version of the Plex Web App
    • choose your login method + enter your credentials
    • enter your PIN when prompted
    • you should be in!
  • Confirm you can log in remotely using the following methods:
    • In the browser (by visiting
    • In the iOS/iPadOS Plex app
    • In the AppleTV app (if applicable)
    • These will always work fine on your home network, but should now also work when you’re connected to a different network (e.g. on a different WiFi network at a different location or using your phone via cellular data instead of WiFi)
  • Link to Plex docs about Remote Access (and troubleshooting tips)
  • Web interface not working : r/PleX