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Leveraging 1:1s

Senior Engineering

Staff Engineering

Tech leading

Feature leading


  1. Identify + reduce any ambiguity in the project requirements
  2. Make tasks available to teammates that align with what they want to learn and build


  1. Meet with stakeholders + ask clarifying questions
  2. Gather supporting materials
  • Mocks?
  • Code?
  1. Build quick, throwaway POC prototypes to test hypotheses

Documenting Team Knowledge

Why is it so hard to document team knowledge?

  • Documentation is hard because there are barriers to just blurting out the knowledge in the first place
    • Where should it go?
    • Does it appply to everyone? Who does it apply to?
    • Am I allowed to update the doc I think it belongs in?
    • Do I need to get permission? Discuss as a group?
  • All of these things lead to NEVER WRITING THE IDEA down when these thoughts and steps come first
  • Solution?
    • Personal scratchpads for team members
  • Just write the idea down immediately
  • Consider the rest later, or don’t
  • This relates to the Zettelkasten idea of focusing on just writing short notes in the flow of learning rather than starting with a daunting writing project concept and trying to force your way through it in linear order
  • The latter requires too much willpower and is likely the wrong plan anyway
  • The muscle memory is to just write down all interesting ideas in a precise and brief note, THEN connect them to related ideas, then move on

Onboarding docs


Performance Reviews