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Valuable writing doesn't explain what the author thinks and cares about. It changes what readers think by identifying a problem they care about and solving it.

There are no universal rules for how to write well. Your writing style should depend on who is reading and what they care about.

The subject of each sentence sets the focus of your writing. If those subjects focus on the wrong thing, rewrite them.

  • 📺 The Craft of Writing Effectively • 82 minute video by Larry McEnerney explaining what was wrong with how we were taught to write in school and how to write content that's truly valuable to your specific community of readers. He gives the same lecture here with lots of useful variations.
  • 📺 My Creative Workflow with Notion • 16 minute video by Ali Abdaal that includes the outlining prompts he uses to make sure his videos tell a story users will care about.
  • 📖 Workshopping • Article by Shawn Wang explaining why and how to share new content with small audiences before publishing it widely.