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Kubernetes at Recursion

Restarting a deployment

Using ArgoCD UI

Using kubectl

  1. Install kubectl (add steps)
  2. Connect kubectl to your cluster by authenticating via gcloud:
  3. Visit the details page for your project cluster in your browser at<region>/<cluster>/details - For example, visit Recursion’s principal cluster here
  4. Click the “Connect” button in the toolbar
  5. Copy and run the provided command:gcloud container clusters get-credentials <cluster-name> --region <region-name> --project <project-name> - For example, authenticate to the principal cluster with gcloud container clusters get-credentials principal --region us-east1 --project eng-infrastructure
  6. Run kubectl rollout restart deployment <deployment_name> -n <namespace>
  • For example, to restart the MapApp backend: kubectl rollout restart deployment dash-phenoapp-v2 -n <namespace>
  1. Watch the pods come up in the Argo UI
  2. OR (less informative that seeing Argo spinners change to hearts): 1. Install watch with brew install watch (if not already installed) 2. Run watch "kubectl get pods -n <namespace>"
    • For example, to watch the MapApp pods restart: watch "kubectl get pods -n phenomap"


Restart using k8s

  1. Install k8s