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Sleep training

  • Precious Little Sleep (book)
    • locate bassinet/crib in bedroom for first 6 months to reduce risk of SIDS
    • start establishing a specific sleep routine at 2-4 months
    • don’t hesitate to use any sleep crutches (swaddle, pacifier, etc) at first; they make the baby happy and can be weaned later
    • bedtime
      • aim for a consistent bedtime at 7:30 (if overtired, shift 15 minutes earlier each night by waking 15 minutes earlier each morning)
      • aim for a longer than usual stretch of awake time before bedtime, meaning no naps after 4pm
      • transition to dark, calm activities in the hour before bedtime
      • do the same bedtime routine each night (e.g bottle, bath, book) and always locate sleep in the same place
    • Sleep Power Tools
      • techniques that help soothe the baby over their full sleep duration without parental involvement and can be weaned later
      • white noise (50-60 dB max)
        • reduces stress by blocking out stimulation while falling asleep and during temporary wakenings
        • easier than making a shushing sound for hours yourself
        • after 12 months, gradually wean by reducing volume
      • swaddling (until able to roll over)
        • reduces instances of hitting and startling themselves while flailing
        • makes it harder for baby to roll off their back
      • pacifier
        • pretend to pull it out to trigger a stronger suck
      • sleep schedule management
        • the when
        • to avoid under or over tiredness
        • signs of tiredness: fussing, crying randomly, acts hungry but won’t eat, yawns, stops making eye contact
    • SWAPs (ch. 6)
      • options for teaching to sleep by gradually helping them less
    • SLIPs (ch. 7)
      • options for teaching to sleep by leaving them alone
    • Naps (ch. 10)
      • Generally same conditions each time
      • Doesn’t have to match night conditions
      • Time nap based on awake time rather than sleep cues to avoid putting down too early/late (generally more accurate)
  • Precious Little Sleep (podcast)
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