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My story

I'm a web developer and opera singer currently living in Toronto. 👋

At the moment, I'm a Web Developer on the "dotcom" team at ecobee where I'm helping migrate their ecommerce site from a legacy WordPress codebase to a modern stack that includes React, Gatsby, Netlify, Contentful and Shopify.

Before ecobee, I built and maintained 25+ marketing websites for Coffeeshop Creative and helped them modernize their tech stack and workflow to include static site generation with Gatsby; continuous deployment with Netlify; and performance, SEO and accessibility auditing with Lighthouse.

I enjoy teaching web development to new coders whenever I can and have a 10-video series on YouTube showing how to get started with React and Gatsby. I'm currently working on a new course for newline that walks through how to build an ecommerce website with Next and Shopify.

You can find me on Twitter where I talk about web development and share links to resources I found useful, or on GitHub where I work on a few side projects in the open.


Coding rabbit holes I plunge down outside of work.

  • Gatsby Tutorials

    A community-updated list of 200+ Gatsby.js tutorials with 100+ stars on GitHub. The tutorials are searchable and filterable and include video, audio and written learning resources.

  • Up and Running with Gatsby

    10 beginner-friendly YouTube videos that teach the basics of React and how to get a Gatsby project up and running.

  • Dotfiles

    Configuration files for setting up a comfortable development experience on Mac that include my favourite settings for Neovim, Tmux, Alacritty, Zsh, Git, Homebrew and macOS, plus a script that sets them up on a new Mac with a single command.


Thoughts about coding and web development.

  1. The filter(Boolean) trick

    How to remove empty values from an array.

    Updated 10 months ago

  2. Using GraphQL with Gatsby

    How to write GraphQL queries in a Gatsby project.

    Updated 1 year ago

  3. Adding Content to a Gatsby Project

    The pros and cons of different approaches.

    Updated 1 year ago

  4. Writing CSS-in-JS in a Gatsby Project

    How CSS-in-JS libraries like CSS Modules and Styled Components make it easier to safely add and remove styles.

    Updated 2 years ago

  5. Writing CSS in a Gatsby Project

    How to write traditional CSS in a Gatsby project.

    Updated 2 years ago

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